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In many situations, a 1031 may make sense to defer taxes and buy another property but not always. When transacting a 1031, you sell high but then because of the 45 day ID period, you probably have to buy high and that’s not necessarily in the client’s best interest.

What if you could sell today, defer taxes today and then have unlimited time to buy another property. And while your client’s waiting for conditions more favorable to buyers, he can receive a 5-6% cap rate on the sales proceeds until he buys another property.

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Do you have a 1031 exit strategy?

Many landowners have been transacting a 1031 for decades to build wealth for retirement but when they want to sell and retire, that’s when they generate a large tax liability.

Section 453 can defer that liability and provide the client with a larger retirement income.

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Back by Popular Demand-Buy Low, Sell High, Buy Better

That’s a 1031, right? You sell high and then you buy high because of the 45 day period. What if you could sell high and have unlimited time to buy another property under better market conditions to your client and he receives a 5-6% cap rate while waiting.

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