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Cost segregation

To all commercial property owners.

A cost segregation study may shelter income and also provide other monetary benefits. Don’t assume that your CPA is taking all of the benefits that you can receive.

One of the best at cost segregation analysis is Jeff Hobbs at Segregation Holding Limited. His website is and his number is 972-865-9050

Give Jeff a call. It could be one of the most profitable calls you can make.


  1. This sounds interesting. My CPA has never mentioned this to me and my wife and I own a fair amount of real estate. I will ask him about this and will contact Mr. Hobbs after doing so. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Hi Mike,thanks for the comment. There may be legitimate reasons why your CPA hasn’t mentioned CS.Then again because its really a highly specialized analysis, he may not be familiar with the potential opportunities. Best wishes.

  3. I was searching the internet on ways to save on my taxes and your site came up. Other than this bit of info I don’t see anything else about it. Can you share more or do I have to go to this other site? Please let me know…thx!

  4. Hi Joe, I would suggest either going to Jeff’s website or calling him at 972-865-9050. He will chat with you at no obligation to you.In my opinion, whenever Im dealing with a potentially complicated subject, I go straight to the source. Good luck.

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