Is the Trust Legal

T he Deferred Sales Trustâ„¢ is neither a new nor untested structure. Estate Planning Team tax attorney, Todd Campbell, Esq., has successfully completed thousands of DSTs with only a handful of audits (which he provides defense for at no additional cost to the taxpayer), none of which resulted in any change or negative consequence. This is an extraordinary track record by any measure but the DST structure has also successfully withstood a very high level of scrutiny.

M ost significantly, the Estate Planning Team and the DST were recently the subject of comprehensive reviews by both the IRS and FINRA, both of which completed their reviews and dismissed their inquiries without any negative consequence or changes to the DST structure. We encourage you to conduct your own complete review and we are confident that you will be comfortable with the legality of the structure.

I n addition to the foregoing, some of the largest and most prestigious tax law firms in the nation (see below) have already signed our NDA and fully reviewed the DST structure (along with hundreds of smaller CPA firms and law firms). These firms include, among others, Day Pitney (New York and Boston); McKenna Long and Aldridge (Los Angeles); Ulmer Berne LLP (Chicago).