High-End Residential Brokers

Sometimes when a high-end residential broker sells an amazing property, a large tax liability may be created. This tax liability could range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to several million dollars.

What if the large tax liability is a concern to your sellers. What if you could defer that large tax liability for as long as the sellers would like and your competition can’t. Do you think that gives you a distinct advantage over other brokers.

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Help your sellers win under the new tax laws

Your sellers are losing their state tax deductions and some of their mortgage interest deductions. Defer their capital gains tax, state tax and other local taxes when selling their high end residential property and offset some of the new taxes your sellers now have to pay. They will thank you.

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Your Competition Just Made a Great Listing Presentation But...

Didn’t ask an important question. Mr. Prospect, are you concerned about the large tax liability that your sale will create? If yes, you can defer potentially millions in taxes and your competition probably can’t. YOU GET THE LISTING!

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