How We Work

A former member of Congress made a comment with the humility that he did not know all the answers but that he was committed to finding the right solution. That is why our clients win. We are committed to finding the right solution and will not rest until we do so. We respect our clients. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. We look at their priorities from their point of view. We listen. We dream. We find lasting solutions.

Whether our client is looking for that ideal property that will be passed on to their heirs or that investment property that will provide safe and secure retirement income, we fight to consistently exceed expectations.

Creative Real Estate Strategies

Creative Real Estate Strategies has developed opportunities that help to potentially minimize various forms of taxation when our clientele is in their wealth accumulation phase of their lives. And just as vital, once wealth has been accumulated, it’s of extreme importance to establish a blueprint for the disposition of those assets that is controlled by the wishes and desires of our client and not by Washington. Will Rogers once said,” The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets”. Sadly, he was wrong.

One of the most popular ways of deferring taxation on the sale of investment property is through a Section 1031 exchange. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles to overcome in completing a successful exchange due to many of the regulations in the Internal Revenue Code. Creative Real Estate Strategies has a number of tactics that can minimize those obstacles and help complete a successful exchange and defer taxation until a later date. However, an exchange may not be the correct solution but a client may feel more comfortable with a Deferred Sales Trust. Again, Creative Real Estate Strategies offers another potential opportunity for a quality of life solution. We are proud that many of our clients consider us to be tax reduction specialists.

A provision in the new health care laws calls for the hiring of 16000 IRS agents.  When the IRS comes knocking on your door, it won’t be to take you to lunch. It will be to take you to the cleaners. Let’s partner to prevent that from happening.

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