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The newest edition of Open Fences Magazine just came out. The digital edition can be found at  Its the best one yet. Don’t forget to go to page 96 and read my article on the Deferred Sales Trust. If you’re selling real estate, look into the DST as an option instead of just cashing out and paying taxes or as a Plan B when a 1031 exchange falls apart to prevent it from becoming immediately taxable..

Of course, if you’re interested in buying a $100 million ranch, call me…FAST! Or even a million dollar one. Great opportunities all over the country.

Creative Real Estate Strategies was pleased to be a recent sponsor at the Colorado chapter of the Realtors Land Institute in Denver last month and we are pleased to announce that CRES will be a sponsor at next month’s realtors Land Institute’s National Conference also to be held in Denver. Please no snow.

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  1. You’re right. The latest edition is the best one yet. David does a great job with his publication.

    BTW, what is the average attendance of the RLI meetings in Denver? Is it just ranch brokers or brokers who do ranch and residential?

    • I like Open Fences Magazine for the articles.Wait,wrong magazine. David does a great job and thats why Open Fences is the best rural high end properties magazine in the market. Check out page 106-7 and tell me what you think.

      Im going to guess that the attendance at the Denver meetings is about 70 or maybe a little higher. Usually the meetings in Grand Junction are a little smaller but there are always great marketing opportunities.The next one in GJ is May 9-10. If you do anything in the land market, you should consider attending. If you primarily sell residential homes in various neighborhoods, you probably won’t get a lot out of the meetings but if I remember correctly, there was someone from Wilder in past meetings. Its the kind of thing where you keep coming to the meeting and all of a sudden, someone comes up to you with a client and thinks that Wilder is a great opportunity.Its the law of large numbers. If you come to GJ, please say hello.Best wishes.

  2. How do you advertize on openfences and what are the prices for each ad? 765-521-9490

    • Hi Ronald, the man to discuss advertising on Open Fences is the publisher, David Light. His number is 207-449-2918. He can go into more detail and help you decide if Open Fences would be a good venue for you.Good luck and I hope everything works out for you.

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