Land, Ranch and Farm Owners

One of our areas of expertise is working with land, ranch and farm owners and affiliated groups such as real estate brokers, CPAs and attorneys specializing in this market and financing firms such as banks specializing in rural financing and the Farm Credit System. They have unique situations and circumstances and can be affected dramatically by changes in government regulations and a constantly changing economic environment.

To that end, Creative Real Estate Strategies has developed a number of positive tax strategies through our strategic relationships with such real estate organizations as the Texas Land Brokers Network, Texas Alliance of  Land Brokers, the National Realtors Land Institute as well as many RLI state chapters, the national Farm Credit System, third party qualified intermediaries all over the country as well as some of the most respected land, ranch and farm brokers in the country and some of the largest and most successful brokerage firms nationwide.

We have had the privilege to have written articles for some of the most prestigious rural real estate magazines in the country such as Open Fences Magazine, Farm and Ranch Magazine, The Terra Firma as well as websites and blogs such as Ranchline Network, Ranch Marketing Associates, Land and Farm com, STOA Management, Landwatch and numerous others.

Updating Our Strategies

With the tax law changes starting in 2013,CRES is constantly updating our strategies to provide our clients with the best possible advice and opportunities whether it regards the capital gains tax treatment on the sale of property to improving the rate of return on investment property to helping provide appropriate advice to ranchers and farmers when they want to pass on their property to their heirs in the most tax efficient manner possible.

There are numerous opportunities for CRES to help our ranch and farm clients defer their capital gains tax, state tax and some if not all depreciation recapture on their sales proceeds for as long as they would like. In addition with the consultation of the clients’ CPA, it may also be possible to avoid the Obamacare tax as well as the Alternative minimum Tax.

Creative Real Estate Strategies has the expertise to guide our clients in the direction that they want to travel and to help minimize the impact of the federal estate tax and allow their property to be passed on to the heirs in the most efficient manner possible.

Let's Get to Work!

Do you have a 1031 exit strategy?

Many landowners have been transacting a 1031 for decades to build wealth for retirement but when they want to sell and retire, that’s when they generate a large tax liability.

Section 453 can defer that liability and provide the client with a larger retirement income.

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Back by Popular Demand-Buy Low, Sell High, Buy Better

That’s a 1031, right? You sell high and then you buy high because of the 45 day period. What if you could sell high and have unlimited time to buy another property under better market conditions to your client and he receives a 5-6% cap rate while waiting.

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